Faculty Recruitment

Decisions regarding faculty hires are among the most important a university makes. As an equal employment opportunity/affirmative action employer, Emory University seeks to identify, recruit, and retain a world-class, distinctive, and diverse faculty in all academic disciplines.

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The faculty recruitment process at Emory is a collaborative effort between the Department of Equity and Inclusion team and hiring officials at the school level. Each has a responsibility to ensure adherence to the university's Equal Opportunity and Discriminatory Harassment Policy.

DEI has the responsibility of monitoring and coordinating the recruitment process to ensure compliance with search procedures, university policies, and legal and regulatory requirements.

The hiring official has the responsibility of assisting deans, department chairs, and search committees in identifying and recruiting outstanding faculty. He or she also must keep abreast of affirmative action commitments and placement goals.

Our team members provide training, advise search committees on recruitment strategies and equitable search practices, and respond to questions that may arise during the recruitment process.

Search Process Information

An overview of the process for conducting a faculty search in coordination with the Department of Equity and Inclusion and helpful information regarding recruitment practices

Annual Faculty Recruitment Plan

Engage in a proactive recruitment process with this planning tool

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Faculty Search Waiver Process

How to make an exception to Emory’s search policy standards

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Best Practices and Guidelines

Methods and hiring efforts that promote diverse candidates

For Search Committees

Recruitment Outreach

Resources to help attract a diverse pool of qualified applicants

Ideas to Consider